Experienced Traders Focusing on Investments in Closed-end Funds

The Managers

With more than 70 years of trading experience, Bonaventure Managers, LLC actively invests primarily in closed-end funds as well as other US securities. Clients are limited to select accredited individuals, family offices and institutional investors.


Bonaventure Managers has maintained the same portfolio manager since its inception in 2001, and is supported by a core group of professionals that has operated as a unit for over a decade.

Closed-End Fund Focus

The Fund managers have extensive experience trading closed-end funds, which represent ~$220B in market capitalization and a broad range of sectors. Core investments are in these instruments, with other securities incorporated to provide risk management and diversification.


The Bonaventure team believes that short-term event-driven investor behavior creates opportunities in out-of-favor sectors. Managers aim to identify and capitalize on temporary pricing inefficiencies in the securities markets, particularly in closed-end funds, which possess unique characteristics and may react differently than conventional securities to market events.